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NetPerfMeter is a network performance meter for the UDP, TCP, SCTP and DCCP transport protocols over IPv4 and IPv6. It simultaneously transmits bidirectional flows to an endpoint and measures the resulting flow bandwidths and QoS. The results are written as vector and scalar files. The vector files can e.g. be used to create plots of the results. It is available on different platforms and is actively maintained by Thomas Dreibholz. Our role is testing, write extensions and general scripting.

SVN project:

>> Netperfmeter






Homer Conferencing (short: Homer) is a free SIP spftphone with advanced audio and video support. The Software is available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Homer was originally developed as tool for video conferences. Over the years the functions were extended for additional application areas. Therefore, the basic functions can be separated into the following 4 areas:


- video conferencing

- streaming

- recording

- screencasting


It is maintained by Thomas Volkert. Our work is the extension of the network stack.

Git project:

>> Homer






It is the reference implementation for SCTP. It is portable and runs on FreeBSD/MAC-OS/Windows and in User Space (including Linux). It is full featured and offers all of the features found in the SCTP RFC's as well as some new drafts. It is actively maintained by many of the draft and RFC authors. The head of the group has full commit rights.

SVN Project







OMNeT++ is an extensible, modular, component-based C++ simulation library and framework, primarily for building network simulators. I have also worked on the SCTP Model and prepare a MPTCP Model. CaDS Group head is selected as OMNeT++/INET Component Advisor.

Git project:

>> Omnet++/INET






An open source framework for Websocket Communication outside the (secure) browser.


Project and its activity maintained by Philipp Tarasiewicz and us.

Git project:

>> Nephila




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