CADS - Communication and distributed systems

Department Informatik

HAW Hamburg


Prof. Dr. Martin Becke 

Room 7.85

Berliner Tor 7

D-20099 Hamburg


Phone HAW   : +49-40-42875-8104

Fax HAW        : +49-40-42875-8309

Skype Phone : +49-5465-3093-498

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Find the way


By train:

• Once you arrive at Hamburg Central Station, you leave "Hauptbahnhof Süd" direction for the Underground U1.

• Take the metro in the direction "Ohlstedt" or "Großhansdorf" for "Lohmühlenstrasse"
(that's one stop only).

• Leave at Lohmühlenstrasse in the driving direction of the train, go upstairs and head right. You will see a couple of high blue and brick buildings (ahead of you a "Suite Hotel").

• Pass by the hotel into a little plaza between the buildings (with an iron bridge in it). Ahead of you you will see a 14-story grey concrete building (the "EI Hochhaus") - that's where we are.

CaDS · communication and distributed systems



Prof. Dr. Martin Becke


Room 7.85  ·  Berliner Tor 7

20099 Hamburg  ·  Germany