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The group communication and distributed systems (AG CaDS) faces the challenges of today’s networks. We focus on smart infrastructure for smart systems!

  1. - Improve and extend current Internet technology
  2. - Support dialogue for the future principles on the Internet
  3. - Improve student training for smart systems
  4. - Initiate cooperation to create smart infrastructure

More information about the goals:

Positionspapier Digitalisierung (german)





Prof. Dr. Martin Becke   


Martin Becke 2015 2015 Martin Becke 2016 2016 Martin Becke 2016 2017



Project support   


Hauke Buhr (Delay sensitive multipath transfer - BWFG Hamburg LFF-OS 40-2015) 



Mikko Eberhardt (Transport protocol testing with packetdrill)   

Dennis Kirsch (Realtime infrastructure for sensor networks)   

Denis Lugowski (QUIC/ Delay sensitive congestion control)   

Andreas Müller (JAWM - Just another WebRTC module)   

Vincent Roederer (Peer-assisted content distribution with WebRTC)   

Daniel Sarnow (FreeBSD kernel improvements for SCTP, Focus Scheduler)   

Simon Sorgenfrei (WebRTC congestion control)   

Sebastian Wilkes (New directory service)   




Philipp Proegel (Service composition) --> next: G+J (Digital Ad Technology)    

Alexander Matthias Sowitzki (XMPP and house automation) --> next: Creative Space HAW





CaDS - Communication and distributed systems

Department Informatik

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CaDS · communication and distributed systems



Prof. Dr. Martin Becke


Room 7.85  ·  Berliner Tor 7

20099 Hamburg  ·  Germany